Enterprising Communities

One important way in which communities build internal and external relationships is through entrepreneurial activity.

We understand enterprise in its broad meaning: “a project or undertaking, especially a bold or complex one”; nowadays, it is safe to say that most human endeavours are complex.

This makes most projects, start-ups, charitable undertakings, etc. enterprises, at least in our view. So, if entrepreneurial activity is important to the life of our communities how do we help people succeed with these. This is what we are working on with Enterprising Communities.

We walk alongside the people that are trying to start a company, develop a product, address a social issue, etc. In line with our general approach we do not tell them what to do but we work on the edges. We hope that entrepreneurs develop into change agents in their communities and take up the responsibility they inherit with their ability to engage with their community in a meaningful way.

Collaborative Community works on ways in which we can foster knowledge sharing and co-creation in Enterprising Communities. Our work on Enterprise Education brings education into the community that has an immediate impact. Through Enterprise Ecosystems we take a holistic perspective on the entrepreneurial environment and collectively envision and co-create the supportive processes and structures aspiring and existing entrepreneurs are in need of.

Enterprise Ecosystems

We support communities, organisations, and local governments in developing enterprise ecosystems. We help create jobs as part of resilient enterprise ecosystems that stand in a positive relationship with people and nature.

Enterprise Education

Education can help enterprise to flourish in communities. We help develop and implement systemic long-term interventions in the local economy through enterprise training and education.

Enterprise Facilitation

We work at the individual level, helping groups and individuals fulfill their entrepreneurial potential. We walk alongside people as they develop their vision and ideas, connect with others , and make their contribution to a vibrant entrepreneurial community.